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The Awful Truth About Television

Read this little e-book and you will never look at your television set in the same way again. Backed with scientific research, "The Awful Truth About Television" examines the manifold ways in which TV affects your weight, your family relationships, your acedemic achievements,your mental and emotional states, your community, and much more.

Slow Down & Green Up - The Beginners Guide to Downshifting

This great little guide – a Holistic Local collaboration with Downshifting pioneer Tracey Smith – has been given the seal of approval from Carl Honoré, author of the international bestseller 'In Praise of Slow - How a Worldwide Movement is Challenging the Cult of Speed'. - Written by Tracey Smith.

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Featured Articles

Bioflow Dog Collar helps Collie in Pain
“When my dog had his accident I put a Bioflow collar on him and the difference was amazing. The vet told me he would never walk again and would always be in pain, yet in only two weeks he was back on his feet and in no time at all running around, eager to go on our walks.”
By Alison Rees

What Kind of Candles Do You Burn In Your Home?
99% of the candles burned in homes today are made from the bottom of the oil barrel..the sludge left over at the oil-refineries. Homes are being polluted with carcinogens from these paraffin wax candles. Can you imagine the impact this is having on your home enviroment?
By Theresa Phillabaum

Massage Therapy helps relieve stress, pain and increases your bodies own natural ability to heal.
By Dwayne Crandall, LMT

Metamorphic Technique - a tool for growth
Why settle for change when you can have transformation? Transformation is something quite different to change. It is a positive shift to a finer purer expression of our true selves. And as such it is permanent. Just as a butterfly can not decide to crawl back inside the chrysalis and revert to being a caterpillar, any limiting patterns that are truly transformed are gone for good.
By Maggie Pashley

Soul Perching
Losing myself, rolling waves moved through me as infinite reserves of fullness. Underneath, the invisible resonance recognized the piercing moment that passed and will not ever come again.
By Genece Hamby

Foot Scents
A step-by-step introduction to reducing stress, increasing energy and boosting your immune system - all through your feet!
By Tacy Apostolik

Food for the Soul, Essential Harmony Energy Work
Everyone feeds their soul differently. Some are “filled up” when they meet with friends and share time together, some of us pray and meditate, some need solitude, some eat, exercise, enjoy music or read. The list goes on and on… One especially wonderful way to feed the soul is to receive Essential Harmony Energy Work; a combination of healing touch, reiki, polarity therapy and prayer.
By Janet Fish, LMT

Facial Exercises - A Natural Alternative to Cosmetic Surgery
An introduction to facial exercises - what they are, how they work and what their many benefits are for not only helping you to look younger, firmer and more dynamic, but also the wonderful healthy side-effects coming from exercising the face and neck. There's even a sample exercise for you to try out and see for yourself.
By Carolyn Cleaves

Is It Time To Move?
Are you feeling a bit wilted or stale? Is it time to make a move?
By Sepia Baker

Festival Time
The Spirit of the Millennium Festival is held at Hove Town Hall, Hove, East Sussex, 2-3 times every year. It is a very popular and large psychic fair, offering all kinds of therapies, readings and stalls selling crystals, books and everything that you can imagine related to spirituality.
By Debbie Summers