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Hi, I'm Erin

Female / 37

Sun Sign: Scorpio
Member Since: 13 Oct 2007
Last Login: 25 Feb 2008
Last Updated: 13 Oct 2007

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About Me

Having spent three years working and living in India, I have been blessed by so many amazing moments discovering meditation techniques, wholistic therapies, and ceremonial culture. With enormous gratitude I am now passionate about discovering the heart's truth, and relaxing the mind into the heart. May it be your heart's calling which guides you, and brings you, burning, to your core.....

More About Me

Location: Sydney, New South Wales

Occupation: Counsellor/Massage Therapist, Aura-soma practitioner

My Philosophy On Life: To die into the deathless, meeting peace along the way. Unafraid of terror, unperturbed by loss, grief or suffering, seeing the ever-present reality of what REALLY is.

My Interests: Satsang (meeting in truth), Hindu culture, comparative religions, teachings of Ramana Maharshi, HWL Poonja, Ramesh Balsekar, Gangaji, The Light at the core of All Being, Photography

My Inspirations: Mike Booth, Vicki Wall, All who dare to step into the unknown

Music I Love: bjork, Phillip Glass, Kirtana

Movies I Love: Water, Fire (Deepa Mehta)

Books I Love: The Truth is (Poonjaji)

Places I Love: Arunachala

Quotes I Love: Be stilll, you are inside of the inside.
You are the stillness that is the dancing.
Love! it is all you are.


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